Survey- Friends of Grange Park

Phase II Survey: Improvements for community members aged 12 and upwards

What improvements to Grange Park would help you get more ACTIVE in our community: Outdoor Gym, Pathway around Grange Park with Trim Trail, Ball Game facilities, Play equipment for 12-18 year olds?  We would like to know! Our second phase (if we can raise the money) will focus on the wider community aged 12 and upwards in line with your feedback since we transformed the children's playground.

The Friends of Grange Park will be surveying members of the community at the Old Coulsdon Village Fair on Saturday 1 July from 12 noon to 4.30 p.m.  Our pitch will be located immediately outside the entrance to the playground and we will have a display board of ideas for future improvements.  If you are unable to come and speak to us at the fair, please feed in to our consultation by completing our survey below.

Please remember that we are a team of volunteers working hard to improve our community.  We do not receive payment for the work we do, and we have to work hard to find the money to fund any new improvements.  If you represent a community organisation or local business and would like to sponsor future improvements or carry out out any fundraising on our behalf, please come and talk to us at our stall. Donations on the day (or through the link on our website) are most welcome!  Similarly we welcome donations, however small, from individual members of the community, through the link on our website.

2. How old are you? *
3. Are you male or female? *
4. How many hours of physical activity do you do each week? (Includes sport, gardening, walking) *
5. What prevents you from doing more physical activity? (Tick all that apply) *
6. Please choose up to three of the following that you would use in Grange Park: *
Please tick three only. We want to understand the needs of different age groups, therefore please do not select play equipment for 12-18 year olds if you are above 18 years old.
7. How much more physical activity would you do each week if we were able to introduce new opportunities for fitness to Grange Park? *
In order to get funding for these types of improvements we need to show funders that these improvements will have a significant impact on the amount of physical activity undertaken by the community.
8. By taking more exercise are you likely to feel happier and experience a greater sense of well-being? *
9. Would you have a more positive attitude towards sport and being active? *
Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. You can follow us through our Facebook page (Friends of Grange Park, Old Coulsdon) or via our website.