Press Coverage

Press Release November 2017

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Caterham and District Independent, August 2017

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Caterham and District Independent, May 2017

Inside Croydon, April 2017

Our Press Release, March 2017

Caterham and District Independent, April 2017

The Review, East Coulsdon Residents' Association, Winter 2016

The Review, Winter 2016.jpg

Old Coulsdon Residents' Association Newsletter, Autumn 2016

The Hartley News, Autumn 2016

Caterham and District Independent, October 2016

Croydon Guardian, September 2016

Croydon Advertiser, September 2016

Our Press Release, August 2016

Parents In Partnership (Croydon), Summer Newsletter

Proludic Limited's website, July 2016 (designers of the playground)

Inside Croydon, July 2016 (

Caterham and District Independent, July 2016

Families Magazine (Surrey East), July-August 2016- PAGE 3



Our press release, July 2016

CR5 Magazine, July 2016

Caterham and District Independent, June 2016

Croydon Advertiser, June 2016

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Inside Croydon, June 2016

Our Press Release, May 2016 (Published in Old Coulsdon Residents' Association Newsletter No. 168, Summer 2016)

Croydon Advertiser, Friday, October 2, 2015

The Caterham and District Independent: January 2015

The Caterham and District Independent: October 2014

CR5 Magazine, September 2014

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Croydon Advertiser, Friday, September 5, 2014:  'Time to revamp our tired old playground'

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Croydon Advertiser, Friday, September 18, 2014- Heart of the Community Awards

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